frequently asked questions

From 100 to 100,000 products?

PurplePricing have built our own scalable cloud application hosted in world class datacentres, capable of monitoring clients products online. Interested in tracking from 100 to 100,000 products online then PurplePricing would be happy to help.


Control, Sales, & Profitability

Why monitor competitors' pricing online, or track my products being sold online?

Our service allows you to quickly collect business intelligence on how products are being sold. If you are a manufacturer this allows you to manage your channel, if you are are retailer it allows you to maximise profit by best targeting your prices, and allows you to focus marketing spend in the most appropriate way.


Immediate Activation.

How quickly can I start using the service?

Once you register for a trial account, you will be emailed an activation link and you should be able to start using the account immediately. We will then leave you to trial the system for a couple of months before we contact you for your feedback and at this point, based upon your use of the service, we will give you an indication of which of our service plans is likely to best work for you, and the costs associated with this. Whether you choose to stay with us, or decide to leave, the decision is upto you

How do I start?

click Register no credit card required

How do I start an account?

Click Register on the top menu, the initial registration is very quick and once you confirm your email address your account will be live. You will not be asked for a credit card or payment details. You can upgrade your account once you are happy with the service we provide, and feel that you would benefit from a more comprehensive service, and monitor many more competitor prices.

Software required?

no software installation

Do I have to install software on my PC or other Device?

PurplePricing is a cloud based application, so there is no installation of software required to use this service. All you need is internet access, and a standard web browser. The service can then be operated from any device via the browser.


Almost all commercial websites.

Can I monitor prices on any website?

Our cloud based application has specifically been designed to monitor information (currently optimised for pricing) on almost all commercial websites. The design of the website will not affect the ability of the service to extract information, as our algorithms are calibrated against each site separately. Call or email us with examples if you are unsure.

Website blocking?

Publicly available data, and legal counter measures.

Can websites block you from scraping them? Does this cause you a problem when extracting their prices?

For the uninitiated, web scraping is the process whereby we extract publicly available price data from a website and convert the information into a format which can be analysed in our analytics engine for your use.

It is true that, from time to time, a website may attempt to block our systems from reading their publicly available data, but PurplePricing have developed (and continue to develop) countermeasures that ensure we can continue to extract the required. It is important to note that we do not, and never would 'hack' websites, nor do we use any illegal methods to extract website data. Additionally, our scrapers do not over-burden the services and infrastructure of the site being scraped.

In summary, PurplePricing simply scrape and collate data freely available in the public domain, that could as easily be “cut and pasted” manually by users for their own analysis. Although, manually cutting and pasting would be uneconomic, prohibitively slow, and prone to errors...

Monitoring £, $, or € prices?

Yes almost all currencies.

Can I monitor prices on non-UK Websites?

The system can track multiple currencies, a number of our clients already use PurplePricing to monitor Euros(€) and dollars($). To track prices in dollars then use the normal UK service on http://system.purplepricing.co.uk note though that this is setup for UK VAT rate. To track products in Euros then please use either http://de.purplepricing.com or http://fr.purplepricing.com It is worth noting that these sites are setup for the local VAT rates in Germany and France respectively; which is only really used if you are monitoring some prices inclusive of VAT and others exclusive of VAT. If you have a different specific requirement then please contact customer services.


based upon number of retailers & products

How much does the service cost

PurplePricing will look at how many products you are aiming to monitor, and how many retailers you are wishing to track this information on. Clearly the more data price points you are extracting the more of our resources are consumed and thus the higher the price. We are always happy to provide you with a bespoke quotation so please contact us with this information.

Do this myself?

Over 95% lower cost than doing yourself

Could I do this myself at a lower cost?

PurplePricing have spent many man years on developing this system to automate this process and present the large amount of data generated in the most convenient forms. To manually do this for a large number of websites is very time consuming and very prone to errors. We can prove our prices are more than 95% lower than you being able to do this yourself! AND we monitor at least once per day - presenting accurate data!


non sigificant

Are there any known limitations on which websites can be monitored?

The current version of the cloud application works with all known commercial web sites, it may encounter difficulties on a very small number of sites that do not follow industry common practice in presenting information on websites. Should you encounter any such problem, then please contact customer support and the PurplePricing team will look at how we can support you.

Self service?

add & manage products yourself.

Can I setup and run the service myself?

Our cloud application has been designed so that you can self manage the products and retailers yourself, however there are a small number of sites which may require our support staff to assist you in setting up the products. One example of this could be products which require multiple dropdowns to select options, and when these options do not affect the url in the address bar on your browser. We already have a library of algorithms which facilitate this service.

Monitor Frequency?

Standard daily.

How often does PurplePricing monitor website prices I am tracking?

Our standard service updates prices once per day (including our free trial account). This can be increased to several times a day if you have our paid for accounts, however there is a cost increase based upon the frequency of the price monitoring.

Credit card?

No payment details required.

Do I have to give my credit card details online to use this service?

To use the trial service the registration is really very simple and requires very little information to be provided, and does not require credit card or other payment details at this time. If you see the real value of PurplePricing and wish to continue using the service, then you can upgrade to the “paid for” services via your Account area once logged in.