Custom Covert Information Extraction

Covertly gathering dynamic information based upon selected options and entered data.

Complex information gathering

single prices, multiple prices, tables, or other data.

Specific information extraction.

Clients define the information that they require from the page, how this should be reported, and also the frequency with which to gather and report the information.

Dynamic data

Complex pricing or other information.


Select options from a drop-down, navigate through decision trees, or enter input values across multiple page forms.

Save Time and Build Intelligence

focus on decision making with confidence

Accurate and efficient information gathering

Completing many questions to gather one piece of information is prone to error, and also very time consuming. Automating this process can produce massive business benefits and save significant amounts of time and money.


Covert Discrete Incognito Silent

Gather information without leaving traces?

PurplePricing deploy a number of specific counter measures to avoid allowing site owners being able to detect or track our presence, or indeed being able to trace this back to our clients.

Typical clients

Anyone requiring information to be extracted from websites

Who benefits from this service?

With the size of the online market, monitoring prices through traditional techniques is difficult and prone to error. Automated data gathering is both efficient and flexible. Daily our monitoring delivers accurate information about competitors’ prices, comparing them with your own